Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Adding Flock to Terrain

Well it has been awhile since I've been able to post anything new, but I have been busy working on projects. Today I thought I would show you a really easy way to spice up some terrain. 
This is one of my favorite ways to finish up a piece I have been working on, and it give it an overall completed look after everything has been painted but just needs that little extra. I got these done in a couple of hours. 

Battlefield in a box has some great ready to use, pre-painted terrain. We have had two "Autumn Wood" sets of trees on our game tables for awhile but the bases were plain black. The box comes with a small packet of flock, but I needed a LOT more to get the effect I wanted
For this project I used Gale Force 9's Autumn Flock Blend (which matched the flock included perfectly), and Secret Weapon's Fallen Leaves.

I started with the plain black base from the Battlefield in a Box set and used a paintbrush to spread some Citadel P.V.A. Glue which is really thick and tacky, on certain areas of the base where I wanted to stick the flock. Any random pattern will do, I wanted mine to look very curvy and natural. 

After I had the glue where I like it, I sprinkled the flock out of the container onto the base and used my fingers to spread it out. I did this in a cardboard box so I could tap off all the extra flock and easily collect it to reuse on the next wet glue spot. 

Here are all the done bases. I added some to the tree bases as well, to make it look like the leaves are falling off them. After all the flock is glued on with the first layer, it is stuck on but not very securely. You don't want to leave it like this because this first time someone moves a unit of troops through your forest half the flock will be missing. 

What you want to do is use some liquid Scenic Cement or other spray on adhesive, it looks like really watered down school glue. I put it into a small dropper bottle and dripped it onto each spot of flock with the glue. You want to get it really nice and saturated with the liquid glue so that once it dries, your flock wont be able to fluff off when people touch it. 

Here you can see the color difference where I have already put the layer of glue. By then I realized it was much easier to sprinkle the tiny leaves onto the flock spots when they were still dry. The liquid glue coats them, securing them to the flock with only half as much work. 

This is what your spots should look like after they are saturated with the glue. Don't worry about putting on too much, it will dry clear and the color will be vibrant again when everything is finished. You will want to let these dry for at least 24 hours before you play with them or you could mess up your flock, and then you will be sad...really sad. 

Just walk away and let these dry overnight, or work on another project...
I flocked a different Battlefield in a Box set today as well. This one turned out amazing and it was even easier than the first! I opened up the  "Rocky Outcrops" set and used the same technique, but only the last few steps. All I had to do for this set was put the liquid adhesive into the dropper bottle and spread it around the bases in a random pattern where you want to stick the grass, again I tried to make it look as natural as possible. Then I took the grass flock included in the box (which was the perfect amount), sprinkled it a little at a time over the wet glue and tapped off the extra. 

I left some of the base untouched because I wanted the rocky areas to show through. After everything looked the way I wanted, I did the whole saturation thing again and dripped glue over all the flock. This is how they all turned out after they dried.  

One of the things we try really hard to do is keep our terrain looking nice as well as be functional for a variety of games. These are perfect for Warhammer Fantasy and 40K, Warmachine/Hordes, Malifaux, or really any tabletop miniatures game. 

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